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Think Now

There's so many dollar bills
To ease your pain and buy you pills
What you gonna do when they all run out?

There's only so much pain one takes
Before it twists before it breaks
What you gonna do if he says goodbye?

Think now while you can
Sit down please, please don't stand
This may take, a little while you know
Seeds when watered don't just grow
The sun must melt the hardened snow
Everything has its rightful place

There's only so much prayers can do
It comes down to your actions too
What you gonna do when temptation strikes?

There's only that much they can say
Don't believe their lies today
What you gonna do if the price is right?

Do we stand on sinking sand?
Uncertain times, with no plan?


Heavy heart and weathered brow
I believe I'm on my own, again
December's back to haunt my soul
Counting days till I grow old, instead

I don't want to let you go
But I have to
The path to walk and leave behind
I'm yet to know

Painted walls with honest truth
Read out loud the silent sounds, so strange
I listen close, I listen hard
It isn't always as it seems, these days

Then the time comes
There's a knock against my door
December's lonely hold
Snatches me away from home

Captain Of Your Heart

I am the captain of your heart
Dreaming of sailing home to you
I've been at sea so long
That the days seem dark
And I wait for dawn
I am the captain of your heart

Simple stories and idle talk
A broken radio and a talking clock
Keep me going when the times get rough
Some nights when it's oh so cold
It's you my darling that I long to hold
When the tides are low, I'll be home

My bag of gold and my bottle of scotch
Will laugh in my face till I grow old
My rope is tied with foolish pride
Some nights when the moon comes out
I fall on my knees and I cry out loud
Know this beyond a shadow of a doubt

Leave The Light On

Leave the light on
Imelda, leave the light on
Leave the light on
Imelda, leave the light on

It's late at night
And you're waiting for love
But if I'm right
There's bound to be a fight, tonight

Now put that gun away from here
Hold those thoughts close my dear
Don't let them stray away so far
And leave your mind ajar

What's the use of holding on
What's the use of living you say?
Turning away
Why shouldn't I stop it all right now?
And run away, run away
Battered, bruised, yet innocent
Shattered dreams of yesterday
I pray that you will rise
When all your hopes demise

Paper & Pen

It's an old note now That I hold in my hand
It said, "Thanks for traveling to a foreign land"
I was there when you married
He promised you the moon
Went back on his word Left you by noon

Does it seem like Your worst has passed?
Circles keep turning Turning so fast
You're up when you're high
When you're low you pretend
You're back at the start with
Your paper, your paper and pen

Friday night Brings your blues back again
You've lost your job And you hate all your friends
Sunday morning
Makes the sun shine out loud
But you're curled up in bed Not feeling so proud

The doctor says
You've got four months more
He pats you on the back
And shows you out the door
You're driving home alone
Tears running down your face
You're wondering whom to call
Suddenly life's a lonely place

And hope, keeps us alive
Turning our world, when we could die
And hope, holds everything
Like grace from above
Making us sing
La la la lai la..


Round and round On bicycle wheels
I pedal on You dangle your heels
In the distance I see the snow coming
In the distance I hear it call your name

Emily, hold on to me I say
We will get through
This time of rain
Emily, hold onto me I pray
I will save you from the pain

White as chalk And cold as ice
Fear has lead to my demise
My dreams are buried In my old frozen mind
But you don't have to be like me, oh no
Oh you don't have to be like me

I have but, one chance
Before me now
To prove I'm worthy of your love
Hold on tight
Let me pedal on my dear
And I'll get you to the other side, I swear
Yes, I'll get you to the other side

People come and people go
Let my life not be in vain
Wipe those tears that fall from your eyes
Emily, whisper your name
Emily, let the snow be my grave


I know it's cold
Rolling mountains
Shadow lines
And jagged edge

Somehow I dream of Alaska
Don't know why, I don't know why

Rows of cars
Waiting in line
Thoughts inside
My tunnelled mind

Shining through
Like a light in the sky
Burning a hole
In the passage of time

Fields of stars
In a trail of snow
Far from truth
But home to hope

Chasing dawn
On a wingless flight
Hauling dreams
To a second life

Saint & Sinner

The beads of a saint
In the hands of a sinner
On the lips of my mind,
Are the prayers of a child
Each moment I live
Flows through my veins
Little rivers of passion and pain

Between the losing and the gain
Being lost and then finding again
I get cut and I bleed
I get hurt and I need to cry
'Cause I'm human
God knows I try

Rambling on
Through heartache,
Guilt and shame

Using love I wash,
Away these stains
When time can't heal,
And all truths revealed
The saint and sinner are
Brought to their knees

As the prayer ends
And the choir rings out
All my fears inside,
now turn to doubt
For I see through the glass,
a picture above
The saint tells the sinner,
"Stand and be judged"

As Seasons Change

Don't doodle on my love
Let's not waste our time
Minutes fall away
Over this cheap wine
Precious are our lives
Precious is the sun
For the summer now
Has only just begun

Blue skies turn to dismal grey
You know the fading light
Is here to stay

People on the streets
Chasing crazy dreams

Long for warmth you know
Whatever that may mean
In this restless world
And our troubled times
When the winter comes
I'm so glad you're mine

Don't doodle on my love
Let's not waste our time
Precious are our lives
I'm so glad you're mine

Hey Ben

Hey June, can you please call Ben
Tell him I won't be home again
'Cause I think I've lost it this time
Could be the drugs, could be the wine

I had a dream and dad said son chase it
So I left and I haven't gone back
Time stands still by the window sill
And the only way out is when I pop this red pill

Hey June, please understand
It's not easy being a man
Can't cry, only smile
It gets boring after a while

How long can one be alone
When his heart is as hard as a stone?

And his room is painted all white
But his future ain't so bright

Hey Ben, you've been my best friend
And that's how I feel until the end
Your sane, they say I am not
It's the truth that life has brought

Hey Ben, it's that time again
When the seconds stop before I drop
So long see you soon,
Give my best to our friend June

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Vince Costa is a singer songwriter of Indian origin. He grew up in Goa, a former Portuguese colony on a healthy musical diet of American music.

The records owned by his family, along with the radio were his first set of instructors. He found his heart in the music that came from Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans and it's reflected in his debut album "Saint and Sinner".

Goa itself has a rich musical legacy one that Vince is aware of, and is proud to belong to a community that is creatively rich. His first album in a way is a tribute to the sounds he grew up.


Collectively, The Saints, represent some of the best musical talent Goa has to offer. They are members of different bands in Goa and have come togther to help Vince make this album a reality.

From left to right they are Joe Pereira, Ignatius Rodrigues, Grayston Vaz and Marwin Da Costa.